One lonely farmhouse. Six terrified strangers. Dozens of flesh-eating zombies. Hundreds of laughing audience members!

Night of the Living Dead Live is a hilarious re-imagining of George A. Romero’s legendary classic. The play lovingly examines the movie itself, the period in which it was made, and the film’s undying influence on the horror genre.

While the 1968 film was met with controversy for featuring an African American protagonist and realistic horror images, it’s most controversial element was the ending. Everybody dies! Even the hero doesn’t survive. Unless…

Through a series of comedic multiple endings, the second act puts the characters through different scenarios to explore how they might have survived the night. What if they hid in the basement? Or put the women in charge? Or sacrificed someone for the group? Try as they might, the contrasting personalities and social issues of the time, prevent the group from working together. Which leaves us all to wonder … could anyone survive a Night of the Living Dead?

Unit Set, 4M/2F/doubling, 2 Acts, 110 minutes

I liked a @YouTube video RABIDOG FILMS presents IntesTed ***TRAILER***

About 2 weeks ago from Living Dead Live's Twitter via Google

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